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River Champian Activity

On April 10, 2023, our school have the opportunity to invite the Fraser River Discovery Centre to introduce flood management in the Fraser River Basin. We were given a lesson on how climate change has affected flooding and participated in hands-on activities to understand better the challenges of managing flooding in the region.

One of the most interesting parts of the activity was learning about how the Fraser River has flooded in the past and the impact it has had on the surrounding communities. We were able to see how the river levels have risen over time and the damage that flooding can cause. The students were able to explore the design of a sustainable floodplain that can adapt to extreme flooding events.

We also learned about the different methods used to manage to flood, including the use of dikes, floodgates, and other structures. We were able to see firsthand how these structures work and the role they play in protecting the surrounding communities.

Overall, the River Champions activity was an eye-opening experience that taught us about the importance of flood management in our region. We are grateful for the opportunity to have learned from the knowledgeable staff and to have had hands-on experiences that will help us remember the importance of flood management in the future.

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