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2024 UBC Summer Camp

Designed exclusively for students aged 13-18, our camp promises an extraordinary experience that will leave a lasting impression. We have meticulously curated a program that immerses students in the captivating environment of the University of British Columbia and the vibrant city of Vancouver. Prepare to explore both local high school and university life, broadening your horizons in ways you never thought possible. Get ready for an unforgettable summer adventure!

We Offer:

  • UBC & SFU Campus tour

  • UBC campus learning and living.

  • Volunteer opportunity and Certificate

  • Publish speaking training

  • Daily English language class 





Program Intake


City Vancouver Academy High School-Richmond Campus


2024 July, 21 ~ August, 4

2 Week


Full B.C licensed instructor


Where is the accommodation:  UBC Student Dormitories

  • Separate accommodations for boys and girls, with two floors allocated for each gender

  • Option to choose single or double occupancy rooms

  • Separate washrooms for boys and girls

  • Room cleaning service provided

  • Bed linens provided

  • Each floor has a lounge area equipped with a television, refrigerator, water dispenser, and microwave


  • Provided in the form of self-service buffets by UBC.


  • Local transportation in Vancouver will be the primary mode of transportation for outings, with 2-3 teachers accompanying each group throughout the entire trip.

  • Bilingual teachers will be responsible for 24-hour supervision.

  • Students will be divided into groups of 6-7 individuals, with a local guide and a bilingual teacher assigned to each group for accommodation and activities.

  • In each group of students, there will be a bilingual teacher who will be responsible for daily communication with parents as well as reporting on a daily basis.

  • Every student will receive complimentary student insurance.


  • Students will be grouped based on their English proficiency level .

  • Each class will consist of 20 students, with 1 English teacher and 1-2 teacher assistants.

  • The curriculum will be taught by local teachers who hold Canadian education licenses.

Theme: Experience local middle and high school English courses.

  • The curriculum will be adapted from the BC provincial middle and high school English curriculum outline to suit the level of each class.

  • It will cover short text reading comprehension, chapter discussions, and English speeches.

  • Students will have the opportunity to experience attending high school in Canada and studying at UBC University.


Daily Schedule:

  • 8:00-8:50 Wake up and breakfast time.

  • 9:00-12:00 Class time.

  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch.

  • 1:30-4:30 Afternoon activities.

  • 4:30-5:00 Return to the dormitory.

  • 5:00-5:30 Rest.

  • 5:30-6:30 Dinner.

  • 7:00-9:00 Reading time/activities.

  • 9:00-10:00 Preparing for bed.

  • 10:00 Sleep.

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