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Mission & Vision




BC Education Registration Number: 03896889

The implicit promise of City Vancouver Academy-High School has always been a transformative education, rooted in the highest standards of academic excellence, nurtured by Canadian values, and enriched by the opportunity to learn in a fully academic setting recognized by the B.C Ministry of Education, City Vancouver Academy offers a variety of Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 courses necessary for high school graduation with a B.C. dogwood diploma. 

City Vancouver Academy (CVA) is one of the most premium institutions of secondary education in Canada, established in 2010 by its preliminary name, Bauhinia Learning Centre; located in the hear of Richmond, B.C. Due to an immersive growth, CVA has established a second campus, located in Vancouver, B.C.CVA department are engaged with teaching and explore to push the boundaries of our student's knowledge. From that, we have assisted our students to their fullest potential and many of which successfully got accepted into the top universities in North America.

City Vancouver Academy-High School has two campus locations available for our students. We are a community of learners dedicated to achieving excellence. We study together in a living community where every one of us is a valued citizen who may make significant contributions.


City Vancouver Academy is committed to high academic achievement while aiming to inspire our students to become well-rounded individuals. Our philosophy emphasizes individual intellectual and emotional growth and a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect amongst our students and teachers. Our staff and faculty are highly experienced and we strive to deliver the best educational experience for our students. Our students upon graduation with us should be prepared and are trained to move to a higher level of education and aspire to become leaders in their communities.


Our mission at City Vancouver Academy is to provide a unique academic experience for students of all ages and to offer a safe and caring environment along with cutting-edge programs and courses to help engage students to achieve their full potential in an increasingly complex world.

For our vision, City Vancouver Academy envisions a future where all of our students reach their full potential and ability, find their passion and grow their imagination to pursue their dreams and contribute to the world.


  • We are committed to the success of all our students.

  • We are committed to innovation and encourage and embrace innovative teaching methods and educational programs to ensure that our students receive the highest level of learning.

  • We believe in respecting each person and providing a safe and inclusive environment that nurtures student achievement.

  • We value each and every person and demand the highest level of service and integrity from our staff and teachers.

  • We care about our community and believe in enhancing people's lives, making our spaces great places to live and work.



Under the lawful conduct of British Columbia, CVA has been approved by BC's Ministry of Education and granted the status of a Private High School. We provide various courses from Grades 9-12 to fulfill the necessary requirements needed for graduation and higher education. After completing graduation requirements, students will obtain a high school certificate from BC's Ministry of Education and move to a higher level of education.


We also offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to ensure that there is abundant opportunity for all of our students to develop their potential while assimilating with the culture and fulfill the volunteering experience students' interests, increase their learning ability and assist them in achieving their dreams for higher education. Our experienced team will strive for success!


The Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools under the British Columbia Ministry of Education is responsible for administering the Independent School Act, which includes the strict regulation of all Independent schools, funded and non-funded to ensure a quality education throughout the system.


British Columbia, also commonly referred to by its initials BC, is a province located on the west coast of Canada. The milder weather near the coast and in certain sheltered southern valleys encourages outdoor recreation and tourism, along with its vast economy, young and growing population, BC became the first choice of education for international students.


Every year, more than 140,000 international students from around the world choose BC to complete their education.

As set out under section 12(5) of the Independent School Regulation, in the case of City Vancouver Academy has closed or had its certificate suspended or cancelled by the Inspector of Independent Schools, there is a process involving the Ministry of Education for the prorated repayment of fees for courses not taken or completed. City Vancouver Academy must maintain a bond for this purpose. Notwithstanding this bond, during their first year of operation especially, City Vancouver Academy is expected to have sufficient funds on hand to make refunds available to students upon closure of the school without having to immediately rely on the security bond.

Students of City Vancouver Academy may apply for a prorated refund under the provisions of the Independent School Regulation and the Bonding Act in cases where a school is closed or closes and refunds are not provided. Any portion of the bond remaining after all claims have been processed will be returned to the independent school authority as set out under the Bonding Act.

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