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Principal's Statement


Jonathan Sy

The principal at City Vancouver Academy High School

in Richmond, BC.

Since joining the teaching team at the newly opened CVA campus as their head science teacher, he fostered students’ passion for STEM, inspiring them to pursue their interests in the field. Jonathan continues to teach science and math classes throughout the school year even after being promoted to CVA's principal in 2021. His years at CVA as both a teacher and administrator have truly reaffirmed his belief in the value of smaller class sizes and a more intimate school setting, which allows teachers to closely interact with students, modify and differentiate lessons to suit individual needs, and tailor opportunities for students’ growth. Instead of remaining stagnant and following the way things have always been done, he is excited to explore new options, gain inspiration from other independent schools, and expand the scope of CVA's education program.

Jonathan's journey in education started during his undergraduate studies, when he began tutoring math and science students while completing his Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of British Columbia (UBC). After finishing his Masters degree in cancer research, he decided to apply his skills and knowledge in science to teaching — his true passion — and joined UBC’s Bachelor of Education program.

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His Message 

As the principal of City Vancouver Academy High School, I strive to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment in which our students can flourish. In the bustling competitiveness of our modern age, youth can find themselves lost within the anonymity of a large public school population. City Vancouver Academy High School offers an intimate learning environment where students can thrive through individualized lesson structures and focused one-on-one teacher attention.


Moreover, our teachers have had great success in helping international students adapt to the Canadian curriculum. We are proud of the diversity of our school, where each individual has the guidance to broaden their perspective and discover their unique voice. Here, students can grow into passionate, lifelong learners within our close-knit community, developing the core skills and competencies necessary to excel in post-secondary and beyond. 

We welcome you to City Vancouver Academy High School!

Jonathan Sy

City Vancouver Academy Principal

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