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Meet the Staff of CVA

School Principal

Jonathan Sy

M.Sc; B.Sc;  B. Ed

Mr. Sy is an alumnus of the prestigious University of British Columbia, where he concluded an illustrious academic journey with a Master's degree in Science. His fervent dedication to education was realized in the realm of pedagogy, particularly in the scientific disciplines. As the esteemed Principal of CVA, Mr. Sy juxtaposes his administrative acumen with a palpable passion for teaching, embodying the dual role of educator and leader with exceptional proficiency. His commitment to imparting knowledge is reflected in his hands-on approach to science instruction, inspiring a legacy of inquiry and discovery among his students.

Subject: Biology, Physical, Chemisty 


BC Licensed Teacher

Jackie Zhang



Ms. Zhang, an esteemed alumna of Beijing Foreign Studies University with a specialization in English, boasts over 15 years of influential teaching experience. Her recognition as an expert English teacher stems from her extensive work with a diverse range of students, from early learners to those at the collegiate level. With a three-year tenure managing Training Centers, Ms. Zhang adeptly merges her roles as both an educator and a manager. Her active involvement in the Cambridge English test system is notable, particularly her role as an English Speaking Exam interlocutor for IESOL tests and her focus on teaching IELTS test preparation courses.

At the forefront of ELL/ESL education, Ms. Zhang skillfully addresses the complex challenges of teaching high school students. She excels in guiding them through the intricacies of balancing multiple subjects, promoting efficient and intelligent allocation of study time. Central to Ms. Zhang's educational philosophy is the belief that one's aspirations shape their future. By encouraging students to realize their utmost potential, she is committed to unlocking the unique brilliance in each of them. Her career is marked by dedication, vast experience, and a fervent passion for elevating the educational journey of her students.

Subjects: ELL/ ESL, and Social Studies.


BC Licensed Teacher

David Bell

B. Ed; B.A

As a proud graduate of Dalhousie University, Mr. Bell have cultivated a decade of professional teaching experience, during which Mr. Bell have honed a multifaceted skill set. My expertise is not confined to the classroom; Mr. Bell is also a certified coach in an array of dynamic sports, including hang gliding, soccer, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. This diverse portfolio of coaching certifications underscores my commitment to fostering both the intellectual and physical development of my students, encouraging a balance of academic pursuit and athletic vigor.

Subjects: Psychology, Social Studies and Physical Education

BC Licensed Teacher

Doris Kao

M.Ed B.Sc

Ms. Kao is a venerable educator with a Master's degree in Education from Sam Houston State University, complemented by an impressive tenure of over 35 years in the teaching profession. Renowned for her empathetic approach to education, Ms. Kao is deeply committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue with her students, providing them with guidance and support that extends beyond the classroom. Her intrinsic ability to connect with students on a personal level not only fosters a nurturing learning environment but also assists them in navigating the complexities of their daily lives.

Subject: Math, Calculus, Economics, Mandarin, Physical Education


Administration Manager

Leo Wang


M.A; B.A

Mr. Leo, an esteemed alumnus of the Beijing University of International Business and Economics, brings over a decade of dedicated service to the education sector. His expertise encompasses a critical spectrum of student services, including admissions, visa procurement, and accommodation logistics. Mr. Leo excels in liaising with the parents of students, ensuring a seamless communication channel that facilitates the successful integration of international students into their new educational and cultural environment. His role is pivotal in assisting students to adeptly manage their daily lives while studying abroad, thereby enhancing their overall educational experience.


Senior Student Councilor

Hannah Li


Ms. Hannah, with a solid foundation from British Columbia University, boasts over a decade of professional experience within the education industry. Her specialization as an education counselor is marked by her exceptional ability to design personalized course pathways, benefiting over a thousand students to date. Known for her warm and welcoming nature, Ms. Hannah is always approachable, inviting students to seek her guidance on any matter.

In her comprehensive role, Ms. Hannah is integral to student admission processes, meticulous course planning, and providing empathetic counseling services. She maintains a vital communication link with parents, ensuring they are informed and engaged in their children's educational journey. Her dedication to her role ensures that each student's academic experience is as enriching and supportive as possible.


CVA 2023_edited_edited.jpg
BC Licensed Teacher

Gabrielle Courtorielle

B.A ; B.Ed


Meet Gabrielle Courtorielle, an extraordinary English and Social teacher whose talents extend far beyond the classroom. Fluent in English, Japanese, and Estonian, Gabrielle combines linguistic skill with a rich tapestry of certifications and experiences. She is certified in Standard First Aid with CPR C and AED by St. John's Ambulance, showcasing her commitment to safety and well-being.

Ms. Courtorielle dedication to positive youth development is evident in her High Five Behaviour certification. As an Intermediate Coach with BC Archery and a professional National Team athlete representative for archery, she brings a unique blend of academic insight and athletic prowess. Her role as a Board Member of the BC Archery Association further underscores her leadership and expertise in the sport.

Renowned for being responsible, energetic, friendly, and lovable, Ms. Courtorielle excels in both academic and athletic realms. Her students and peers admire her for her engaging teaching style, her vibrant personality, and her ability to inspire with her multifaceted talents. Ms. Courtorielle is truly a remarkable educator and coach, making a lasting impact in every endeavor she undertakes.

Subjects: English, and Social Studies.


Head of English Teacher

Michael Briscoe


Mr. Briscoe, a distinguished graduate of Concordia University situated in Quebec, boasts an extensive career in education spanning two decades. His professional journey is marked by a global footprint, having imparted the intricacies of the English language across various international landscapes, including South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Renowned for integrating his rich tapestry of travel experiences into his pedagogy, Mr. Briscoe is dedicated to broadening the cultural horizons of his students, fostering an environment of global awareness and cross-cultural understanding within the classroom.

Subject: English, First Nation Studies, Social Studies

BC Licensed Teacher

Stephanie Sy

M.Ed; B.A;  B.Ed

Ms. Sy, an accomplished scholar, secured a full scholarship for her Master's degree at the University of British Columbia, a testament to her academic excellence. She embarked on her educational career in 2006 and has since amassed seventeen years of invaluable teaching experience. Her linguistic prowess is evident in her fluency in English, French, and Japanese, enriching her teaching methodology with a diverse communicative skill set.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Ms. Sy is an ardent advocate for environmental stewardship. She enthusiastically champions sustainable living practices, integrating this passion into her educational ethos to inspire and cultivate eco-consciousness amongst her students. Her dedication to environmental education underscores her commitment to nurturing responsible global citizens.


Subject: English, Geography. CLC, CLE, Fine Arts


BC Licensed Teacher

Todd Armstrong

M.A; B.A

Mr. Armstrong is an alumnus of the University of Alberta with a robust 16-year tenure in education. A significant portion of his teaching career, spanning 11 years, was dedicated to academia in Japan, where Mr. Armstrong enriched his pedagogical approach within the university landscape. This international experience has imbued my teaching philosophy with a global perspective, enhancing my educational practices and cultural competence.

Subjects: English, World History, Accounting, Marketing


Windy Chen

B.Sc ; MSc


A student club supervisor with a passion for nurturing young minds. Her approach combines friendliness, diligence, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to student engagement. More than an educator, Windy aims to be a mentor and 'big sister,' fostering a safe, supportive environment where students feel understood and valued.

Effective communication is key in her role, ensuring open, empathetic dialogue with students and parents alike. She believes in a collaborative approach, bringing together students, parents, and educators for the holistic success of our students.

Driven by the joy and achievements of her students, each day is filled with opportunities to inspire and be inspired. Windy is dedicated to students’ personal and academic growth, celebrating every 'aha' moment and triumph.



William Yu



Mr. Yu is a distinguished graduate from the University of British Columbia, where he not only completed his studies but also contributed over 15 years to the field of education, including significant experience within the university's admissions department. His transition to City Vancouver Academy was fueled by a steadfast commitment to student enrichment. Mr. Yu's vision for CVA is centered around creating a transformative educational environment where students are empowered to achieve their full potential. His comprehensive understanding of the academic landscape, combined with a deep-seated passion for education, positions him as a pivotal figure in shaping the academy's future.


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