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Translated brochures and application forms are provided for the easy reference of applicants. City Vancouver Academy always follows the policies and definitions as stated in the English version of brochures and application forms.

City Vancouver Academy wishes to provide a challenging and exciting program to students. There are, however, certain expectations of students who are accepted into our program. These expectations include important obligations on the part of each student accepted to study at our schools, and we set a high standard in requiring all students to meet their obligations.

Each student and the custodian or parent(s) of each student that is accepted into CVA high school program must read the following statement and must, by signing it, agree to be bound by and to honour its terms strictly.

1. Law, Rules and Regulations

We agree to abide by all laws of Canada, the rules, regulations and policies of City Vancouver Academy which include those pertaining to attendance, homework and behaviour. In particular, understand that the unlawful use of drugs will not be tolerated and that alcohol use is also forbidden in all circumstances. City Vancouver Academy has a firm policy of dismissing students who violate drug and alcohol rules.

Students must also show the following:


  • Student must demonstrate functional literacy in English

  • Students must attend school on a regular basis. Absences must be satisfactorily explained

  • Student is expected to complete all homework and assignments and to use English as the primary language during the program

  • Student must provide proof of a current Study Permit

2. Educational Needs

We agree that City Vancouver Academy reserves the right to:


  • Make educational decisions, including placement and program decisions, in the best interests of students and within available resources;

  • Withdraw the student from the program if the student’s educational needs are greater than disclosed on the application; and

  • Withdraw the student from the program if the student develops health concerns.

  • Withdraw the student if the student is found to have special educational needs or social needs after enrolment at City Vancouver Academy

3. Custodian

We understand that international students aged 18 and younger are not permitted to live independently while enrolled in the program. We agree to appoint a custodian over 25 years of age who will take responsibility for my child and will ensure that his/her accommodation and other living necessities such as food, clothing and transportation are provided. Students must live with a responsible adult who is their custodian or their boarding parent.

4. Refund Policy for students New to City Vancouver Academy

In the event that an applicant cannot come to Canada or withdraws from City Vancouver Academy, the refund policy will apply. All requests for a refund must be made in writing. Please attach the original letter of acceptance and receipt with the request. All documents must be presented to the school to process the refund. 

  • 50% of the tuition fee, if the student withdraws prior to the commencement of the semester

  • 25% of the tuition fee, if the student withdraws any time between commencement and the end of the first calendar month of the program.

  • No refund of the tuition fee if student withdraws after the first calendar month of the program

  • No refund of tuition fee if the student is found to be in violation of school rules or the participation agreement on the application form.

  • No refund of tuition fee for summer semester (July to August).

  • No refund of tuition fee if student obtains the Student Permit by use of the school’s Letter of Acceptance

  • Students who become landed immigrants after tuition fees are paid will not be eligible for refunds other than as stated in the refund policy above.

  • City Vancouver Academy (the school authority) must post financial guarantees no less than $100, 000 in accordance with the Bonding Act. As a bonded school, City Vancouver Academy provides peace of mind for parents and students, who are guaranteed that their tuition fees are safe and a full education will be provided to each and every student.

5. General Release

We, the undersigned, do waive and release all claims against City Vancouver Academy for the injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or expense resulting from the applicant’s participation in the High School Graduation Program. We also release City Vancouver Academy and agree to indemnify them, with regard to any financial obligations or liabilities that the student may personally insure, or any damage or injury to the person or property of others that the applicant may cause while participating in the CVA High School Graduation Program.

I have read the above and agree to fulfill all my obligations as set out. I also agree to the agreement and release clause.

I/we, the parents/custodians of the student signing above (‘our child’), have read all the above including the agreement and release clause and I/we agree that we will use our best efforts to ensure that our child honours all the obligations set out and we agree to be bound by the release and authorisations. We certify that the information on this form and attached records is complete, authentic and true. We understand that if this is not the case, this student will be withdrawn from the High School Graduation Program.

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