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AP 2-D Art and Design/ AP Drawing

The AP Art and Design program consists of two different courses and AP Portfolio Exams-AP 2-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing-corresponding to college and university foundation courses. Students are require to choose ONE course for their final submission. Through the course, instructors help students to build a Portfolio to submit on for final grading.

We Offer:

  • Total 45 hours of learning time

  • Free advising during office hour.

  • Professional Writing Assistant

  • Receive B.C credit upon completion (Home School Only)

  • Include 1 FREE portfolio review at City Vancouver Academy High School Test Center

  • Include1 FREE AP exam at City Vancouver Academy High School Test Center





Program Intake


City Vancouver Academy High School- D.X.Academy Campus

($ 3860 CAD + $150 CAD Material Fee)

4:30 PM ~7:30 PM After School Time - Thursday / Friday

15 Weeks

November 23 - May 14

B.C licensed instructor

Program Schedule

November 2023

May 2024

AP Exam Date

AP Exam Date

Nov, 23, 2023

May 14, 2024

May 6 –10

May 13 –17


SELECTED WORKS (40% of total score)


Student must submit 5 digital images of five different works that each demonstrate synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas using 2-D/ 3-D and drawing skills.

For each work, student must include their writing to describe:

Ideas visually evident (100 characters maximum)

Materials used (100 characters maximum)

Processes used (100 characters maximum)


SUSTAINED INVESTIGATION (60% of total score)

Student must submit 15 digital images of works of art and process documentation that demonstrate sustained investigation through practice, experimentation, and revision.

Student must include their writing to describe:

The questions or inquiry that guided your sustained investigation (600 characters maximum)

How your sustained investigation shows evidence of practice, experimentation, and revision guided by your questions or inquiry (600 characters maximum)


  • All works must be original and should have been completed within the last two years.

  • Artificial intelligence tools is prohibited at any stage of creation

  • Any submission that use of pre-existing photographs, images, or works of any kind must provide proper attribution or citation


  1. Produce a portfolio for final submission

  2. Focus and develop a subject, theme or idea in a series of/closely related work

  3. Learn to develop work through: investigate materials, processes, making through practice, experimentation, revision, communication and reflection.

  4. Learn to document artworks and layout.

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