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Think Academy Summer… where children learn, sample, grow – and thrive!

     Experience the magic at the City Vancouver Academy summer school program, a place for kids to learn, experience, grow, and thrive!

     The City Vancouver academy summer school program has provided a variety of summer fun opportunities for children of all ages in a safe and loving environment. Summer programs are a tried-and-true tradition all over the world — from Beijing to Barcelona students of all ages get together to spend their summer vacation at City Vancouver Academy.

      Why is Summer school a necessity ?


  • Summer programs are widely known to benefit child psychology and tend to have many positive effects on children's social skills and overall mental and physical health.


  • Our summer school curriculum focuses on instilling creativity, innovation, and a love of learning. Children have more choice in terms of what they study and how they learn over the holidays. At this age, your child may be interested in a wide range of activities, from athletics to music to art classes, and may become completely engaged in a performance. When it comes to extra study during the summer, the world is their oyster. So, encourage your child to discover and pursue a new passion while at summer school; it will pay off in the long run.


  • Summer School improves your child's ability to stick to routines. While summer is a time for long, lazy days and later bedtimes, don't let your kid completely abandon your daily routines or you'll be fighting a losing battle by the end of your vacation. Routines help children because they provide them with a sense of stability, safety, and consistency. Make time for learning opportunities while maintaining a light and flexible schedule.


  • Your child will receive additional assistance with his or her studies. Summer School classes can also assist students in their college preparation.  Adding a summer class, especially through an economical online summer school like City Vancouver Academy, can increase a student's grades. 


  • Enhanced self-confidence, completing a summer school course, could be a great way for kids to show that they are capable, self-sufficient individuals. Summer school courses can help you discover your full potential, quiet your doubts, and get the confidence to follow your goals.


  • Recognizing the importance of individual learning, students normally focus on cramming as much material as possible into their minds throughout a hard school year to pass their exams. Teachers are more concerned with meeting their predetermined goals than with encouraging students to realize their full potential. A summer school addresses these multifaceted needs by emphasizing skill development while also encouraging curiosity, creativity, and self-reliance.


  Attend a well-known City Vancouver summer school:- 


  Summer schools offered by renowned institutions throughout the world are rapidly increasing in number, with each offering a broad selection of courses. The City of Vancouver Academy provides a variety of summer courses. Choose a course that best matches your interests and goal. In the content above discover the costs of courses that City Vancouver Academy offers    and what can your kids earn through participating in the Summer School program. 


  Getting to know other cultures is a crucial component of your education and what can be the best to join a Summer School like City Vancouver Academy. Discover the fascinating courses that will help enrich your kid’s life. So, enroll your kid in our summer school program and let the magic happen.

School Trip in Forest
Outdoor Biology Class
Teenagers Hiking in Forest

Summer School Special Courses

 May-June semester & July-August semester

 Special price $1450 all-inclusive/per lesson. International students and local students have the same price.

Short time, high efficiency, at least 8 credits can be obtained in about 1 month.
Take credits and make up grades.
Low cost, best price in the market: only
$1450 per course, and no other fees! ! !
High success rate.
Provide volunteer opportunities.

Suitable for students:
Difficulties in studying and poor grades in other schools.
May to June: suitable for students who need to make up their grades and guarantee their offer and prepare to enter the university
July to August: suitable for students who want to make up credits quickly Students who need to make up volunteer time

Extra Curricular Activities


Summer team

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Joe Coleman

Joe Coleman

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