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Return the Nature to Children

On July 15th, CVA teachers and students came to UBC to visit. In the morning, we gathered at Pacific Spirit Regional Park next to UBC. After that, teachers and students walked through the forest and felt the beauty of nature. The jungle exploration activity day builds an emotional bridge between children and nature. Return nature to children, let children know nature, explore nature, love nature, challenge nature, and release children's nature.

We used to run in the fields,

Catch loach in the creek, splashing muddy spots;

We used to make wreaths of wicker,

Make a whistle out of willow branches all summer long;

At that time we were not afraid of the dark,

At night you can see the starlight and hear the leaves rustling.

But now,

Accompanying them is more video games, and there are endless remedial courses

Once you leave the street lights, you no longer recognize your way.

close to nature, love nature

Awaken the throbbing of inner life, swaying in nature,

There is always some knowledge that cannot be learned in textbooks.

Wonderful sound that can't be heard even with headphones,

Landscapes you can never find at home

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