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UBC Treasure Hunt Competition

On July 15th, CVA teachers and students visited UBC together. We invited our students who aim to apply to the University of British Columbia as their university study, and together to have an exciting UBC treasure hunt competition. The game is designed not only to enjoy the fun of puzzle solving in a teamwork setting but as well to explore more about their dream schools.

This UBC treasure hunt game has seven levels that are distributed throughout the beautiful locations; the starting location of the first level will be told to you immediately, and the remainder of the locations will be solved by yourself. Each level contains a puzzle to solve, the solution to which is the location of the next level.

You'll receive a puzzle bundle containing pieces for all seven tiers of the game. When you get to the puzzle area, you can pull out the necessary puzzle pieces.

Remember to pay closer attention to your environment, as it may hold important hints to the solution of the puzzle; each puzzle must be solved by combining puzzle items with the scenario at hand.

You may also request several degrees of help via the " Little Angel Contact Number", so you never have to worry about being lost without the assistance of the personnel. Each team leader will have a device which serves as a timer, so you can see whose team is the quickest to complete a level.

Simply proceed through the level of the stages, and after you have unlocked the last level, you will have access to the location of the secret prize! You will be able to begin "digging for treasure" once you have arrived at this spot !!! So do you want to know what was our special secret treasure prize?

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