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It Is Always Important To Support Our Future Generations!!

Teachers and students from City Vancouver Academy- Richmond support the Taiwanese Canadian Scholarship foundation by fundraising a donation of $ 2000 CAD.

It is with honor to attend B.C's Taiwanese Canadian Scholarship Award Ceremony and Fundraising Gala held on Octobers 16th, 2021. In Canada, education plays a vital role in empowering our future generation, cultivating many exceptional young leaders to build a better community.

Dedication With Heart

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcom X

To support the program, enthusiastic participants from City Vancouver Academy , both instructors and students participated together in the event in hope to assist more of the outstanding students studying in Canada. City Vancouver Academy encouraged and motivated every student to organize various fundraising activities and passionately participated in numerous volunteering work in their local communities to accomplish their fundraising objectives for a total amount of $ 2000 CAD. Collectively, our students and teachers worked hard to give wholehearted dedication and supports to our future generation and local communities in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Nothing is Impossible ! Because we are students of CVA.

City Vancouver Academy would so like to thanks all 3-level government officials, community leaders, donor, volunteers, and event organizers who participated in the event and celebrated award recipient's achievement together.

Get Inspired ! Because you are better than what you think .

The event successfully raised $ 16,000 at the Gala , and is ready to help and guide more students toward their dreams.

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