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     Summer School Program

 Where children learn, improve, grow – and thrive!

 May - June semester & July- August semester

  • Total $1450 CAD  per course ( 4 Credits) 

  • International students and local students have the same price.

  • No Additional Fee!

  • Tax Included

Program Highlight: 

  • 1.5 X Faster! At least 8 credits can be obtained in about 1 month.

  • More Flexibility and Freedom. 

  • Register your course anytime!

  • Excellent Grade Booster Choice

  • High Success Rate. 

  • Provide Volunteer Opportunities

  • Best Price,  Best Deal. 

May to June: suitable for students who need to upgrade overall GPA,  secure university application, and university preparation.

July to August: suitable for students who want to make up credits quickly. or students who need to make up volunteer time

20th Century World History
20th Century World History 12
Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Art Studio
Art Studio 12
Calculus 12
Career Life Connections
Career Life Education
Chemistry 12
Drama 12
Economics 12
English Studies
English Studies 12
Explorations in Social Studies
Life Sciences
Literary Studies
Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese 12
New Media & Literary Studies
Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education 12
Physical Geography
Physical Geography 12
Physical and Health Education
Physics 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Social Studies

Summer School Special Courses Description

Help our students always be one step ahead of the game!

City Vancouver Academy offers a special summer school program to assist students to upgrade their high school grades and earn credits faster, and quicker with flexibility.  

Our summer course is a compacted and condensed curriculum, specially designed to accelerate learning speed! It is with a guarantee that students can complete their courses in time, and seize the opportunity to upload their final grade to the B.C Ministry of Education before the university application deadline. We will ensure that no matter what the students' original grades are, we will take every student seriously and take responsibility to help them achieve their ideal grades!

The following is the specific information of the course:

May-June semester is primarily for students who have been accepted to university but are concerned about not being able to keep their offer for various reasons. You can focus on enhancing overall grades for your required courses, allowing you to successfully enroll in your dream university!

July-August semester,  a very short and high-score sprint class will be offered.  Students can use this time to catch up and improve their grades. It only takes 1 month to easily complete two courses and it is very efficient!


Credits: 4 credits per course, with a minimum of 8 credits per semester can be completed.

Volunteers: For students who want to make up volunteer time, our school can provide at least 30 hours of volunteer time in a semester

Cost: The whole package price of each course for the above two semesters is $1450 CAD total, which includes all application costs, book deposits, activity fees, and other incidental fees! For more information, please visit our school Website:

 Why is Summer school a necessity ?

  • Summer programs are widely known to benefit child psychology and tend to have many positive effects on children's social skills and overall mental and physical health.


  • Our summer school curriculum focuses on instilling creativity, innovation, and a love of learning. Children have more choice in terms of what they study and how they learn over the holidays. At this age, your child may be interested in a wide range of activities, from athletics to music to art classes, and may become completely engaged in a performance. When it comes to extra study during the summer, the world is their oyster. So, encourage your child to discover and pursue a new passion while at summer school; it will pay off in the long run.


  • Summer School improves your child's ability to stick to routines. While summer is a time for long, lazy days and later bedtimes, don't let your kid completely abandon your daily routines or you'll be fighting a losing battle by the end of your vacation. Routines help children because they provide them with a sense of stability, safety, and consistency. Make time for learning opportunities while maintaining a light and flexible schedule.


  • Your child will receive additional assistance with his or her studies. Summer School classes can also assist students in their college preparation.  Adding a summer class, especially through an economical online summer school like City Vancouver Academy, can increase a student's grades. 


  • Enhanced self-confidence, completing a summer school course, could be a great way for kids to show that they are capable, self-sufficient individuals. Summer school courses can help you discover your full potential, quiet your doubts, and get the confidence to follow your goals.


  • Recognizing the importance of individual learning, students normally focus on cramming as much material as possible into their minds throughout a hard school year to pass their exams. Teachers are more concerned with meeting their predetermined goals than with encouraging students to realize their full potential. A summer school addresses these multifaceted needs by emphasizing skill development while also encouraging curiosity, creativity, and self-reliance.

Welcome to visit our school: 2165 -8766 McKim Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4G4

Or call us: (604) 278 6811

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