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《Volunteer Opportunities》2022Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival, Volunteer opportunities available!

2022 Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival, hosted by Canadian Community Action and Restorative Empowerment Society, after more than two years of planning, the organizer's staff continues to grow in number.

The Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival 2022 is currently looking for event stalls, sponsors, venue volunteers, and Food Trucks. The event will take place over two days on July 22 (Friday) and July 23 (Saturday) in Burnaby at the Swangard Stadium. It is expected that the two-day event will attract more than 30,000 people, making it the most popular event of the summer!

Yang Shengfan, President of the Canadian Community Action and Restorative Empowerment Society, said: "The 2022 Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival is a large-scale food and entertainment event that combines a night market and a carnival." In the event, a number of local restaurants and bubble tea stores will participate in the competition to compete for the Vancouver Bubble Tea Championship.
This is going to be an amazing event that combines street food, games, performances, and other night markets with a carnival atmosphere. More than ten well-known bubble tea brands will participate on the day of the event, and a competition will be held to determine the best bubble tea champion in Vancouver.

To add diversity to the event, the team of Canadian Community Action and Restorative Empowerment Society conducted market research and interviews with Vancouverers on the street to learn about their perspectives on bubble tea drinks. To many people, bubble tea is synonymous with delicious, unique, relaxing, and leisure.

Anne Kang, MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake and the Minister for Advanced Education, Skills, and Training in BC, said that bubble tea is "a cup of joy in hand" for her. Janet Routledge, Member of the Legislative Assembly at Government of British Columbia, said that she is a fan of bubble tea, and particularly likes the taste of pearls like fudge. She expects that the 2022 Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival -Burnaby will bring great joy to everyone in Vancouver.

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