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It gives me great joy to participate in this scholarship fundraising event. I have benefited a great deal from this experience, and I have met many amazing model kids as a result of it. We need a large number of volunteers and supporters in order to put this event together. City Vancouver Academy teachers encourage their pupils to become active participants in community service and fundraising events in order to demonstrate the school's support. Students have given their time and effort, and we are certain that all of our efforts have been worthwhile in the end.

This scholarship event provides us with the opportunity to understand the importance of giving and the delight of serving others. In this experience, we have learnt an essential life lesson: Happiness is found in sharing and helping other people. The students gathered a total of $2,000 and contributed it to the scholarship foundation as a result of our collaborative efforts. I hope that in the future, there will be more educational foundations or community events that we can participate in and contribute to.

I recall that when I was younger, it was hard for my family to move to Canada, particularly in order to finance my educational pursuits in Canada, given that living expenditures are rather expensive in other countries. The fact that my family has always been the most active supporter of my studies in Canada is a testament to my understanding that this trip would be impossible without them. I would describe it as a pleasure to be a part of this large family and to have met so many wonderful students and professors at City Vancouver Academy.

I have made many friends at CVA and have been awarded a full scholarship to let me continue my education in Vancouver, Canada. In conclusion, I am grateful to CVA for providing us with this excellent opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the event; here, I also encourage and invite more people like us to join us because you can meet others who are just as passionate as I am about wishing to make a positive contribution to our community.

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