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【Volunteer Opportunity】Love Caravan

City Vancouver Academy Secondary School is excited to work with Love Caravan to offer our students an excellent volunteer opportunity to engage with the local community and deliver their love and care to the seniors.

Love Caravan's Vision

Love Caravan has been a BC-registered Non-profit since 2015. We strive to raise more public awareness of intergenerational connection and establish a custom of respecting and caring for seniors among younger generations.

We believe a lot of senior-related social issues such as senior social isolation and the generation gap will be solved naturally from the root if we can pass this custom on generation by generation.

Love Caravan's Mission

· Fostering Respect and Care for Seniors.

· Youth Character Development & Education.

· Cultural Preservation & Transmission.

· Facilitating Diversity.

For Students

Students would be exposed to a network of senior communities and youths internationally and locally that are involved with our program!

Be a volunteer to join in LC’s regular events or big events and dedicate your help as you can.

1. Caravan of Talent Campaign (with monetary prizes)

A global video submission campaign inviting youth to showcase their talents. The top submissions voted by the public will have a chance to win a series of monetary prizes and the chance to join in the 2022 Cross-Canada Tour. More details please visit:

2. Performing in senior homes

3. Star maker program

o To introduce the talents, you know directly or indirectly for LC

o For further information, please contact

4. LC Program ambassador

o Apply for being an ambassador for LC program

o For further information, please contact

5. Regular Events

o Mostly virtual events during the pandemic, depending on our event planner’s plans, positions may vary. Examples of the work can be performers, engaging with seniors, host of the show and backend helper.

· Project preparation

· NPO insight

Various positions in our operation and management teams:

§ Marketing § Public Relations § Human Resources § Fundraising

§ Event Planning § Photographer § Filming

Wait !! there is more !

o 2022 Cross Canada Volunteer Tour

o Our upcoming YouTube series

o Scholarships

o Paid positions might open seasonally for our exceptional volunteers based on the working performance

Scan the QR code or checkout our website to learn more about us!

Published by: City Vancouver Academy Secondary School.

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